Soft Skills NPTEL Week 1 Assignment Solutions


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These are answers for Soft Skills NPTEL

Q1. The term “Hard skills” and “Soft skills” are often used to signify the software and hardware of computers.
a) True
b) False

Q2. Soft skills are the one-time learning process.
a) False
b) True

Q3. A positive attitude at workplace seldom stimulates co-workers toachieve desired organizational goals.
a) True

b) False

Q4. Commonality and cordiality are the hallmarks of executive communication.
a) True

b) False

Q5. Information that comes through Grapevine communication is trustworthy.
a) True
b) False

These are answers for Soft Skills NPTEL

Q6. __________________ plays a vital role in communication.
a) Ebullience
b) Environment

Q7. ______________ is the hallmark of communication.
a) Conscription

b) Consciousness

Q8. Soliloquy is the example of _____________ communication.
a) Intrapersonal

b) Interpersonal

Q9. Meta-communication is communication which allows people to extract ____________ meaning of certain words.
a) Multiple

b) Singular

Q10. It may be considered ________________ if somebody is traveling at the cost of organizational funds organization and entertaining at an interview.
a) Ethical
b) Unethical

These are answers for Soft Skills NPTEL

Q11. Which one of the following forces does Communication function?
a) Beaming force
b) Dividing force
c) Binding force
d) None of the above

Q12. In which book does Sigmund Freud talk about suppressed and repressed emotions?
a) The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
b) The Ego and the Id
c) Totem and Taboo
d) Interpretations of Dreams

Q13. Which of the following does Ego differentiate between?
a) Image and Emotion
b) Memory and Image
c) Emotion and Memory
d) Image and Emotion

Q14. Name the type of communication when one talks not to others but to himself:
a) Extra personal
b) Mass Media & Communication
c) Intrapersonal
d) Interpersonal

Q15. Which one among the following systems of personality is the internal representative of the good and evil?
a) Id
b) Super Ego
c) Ego
d) B&C

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These are answers for Soft Skills NPTEL

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